Quality Equipment

You will enjoy a trip on a state of the art, brand-new Skeeter boat equipped with the latest technology and top of the line equipment.

Excellent Customer Service

John will go the extra mile to provide his customers with a customized and memorable fishing experience. Lines of communication are always open, through texts, messenger, phone calls, or emails.

Experience & Knowledge

With years of experience, John can provide his customers with individualized instruction, if requested, for all levels of anglers.

Equipment Needed:

Rods: Heavy action rods are best, preferably 7 ft+. 

Line: 20lb to 25lb fluorocarbon on everything except crankbaits, 12, 15, to 17 lb will work. Braid can also be used on worm and Jig setups. 

Lures: A few days before the trip, I will let you know what you need to bring and what you don’t have, can be purchased at Falcon Lake Tackle. 

Equipment rented upon request. 

Accommodations upon request.  

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